Less Common Problems

Below is a list of errors that rarely occur. Click on the the error to find a fix.

For problems related to the installation, see Install Problems and Fixes.

For problems related to printing, see Printer Problems.

Not a valid interval for Auto-Log out

Your auto log-out setting for your retail or restaurant app is incorrect. Correct the setting in your  retail settings or restaurant settings

SQL Server Timeout Error

If you get a SQL Server execution timeout error, it means that your server is running low on resources and is unable to complete the command on a timely basis. Close all other programs that are open (including browsers, email, music, etc) and try again. If the problem persists, restart the computer.

Check if your computer is busy installing Windows updates. That can severely slow down your computer. If that is the case, wait for the updates to complete.

Upgrade to the latest version. An older version will not be the cause of the problem, but ROBOTILL continually improves the performance of ROBOTILL that will help if you have a slow computer.

If the problem persists after you tried the above, you could also have a look at other performance issues or you can upgrade the hardware of your PC.

Errors related to corrupt files

If you get an error that contains one the phrases below, it means that a corrupt file is causing problems.

  • Invalid Class
  • Object not found
  • Invocation of the constructor
  • 'FORMAT' is not recognized as a built-in function name.

The corrupt file might be a ROBOTILL program file or a Windows system file that ROBOTILL requires. Files can sometimes get damaged due to things like a power surge or hardware problem. You can follow the steps below to resolve the problem.

  1. Uninstall ROBOTILL and install again making sure you install the latest version - follow these instructions.
  2. Restart your computer. If you still get the error, continue with the steps below.
  3. Run all outstanding Windows updates. Do not skip this step as new Windows updates sometimes install newer .NET frameworks - it might replace the corrupted file.
  4. If the above did not work, then you will need to reinstall Windows. It is easy to reinstall Windows from Windows 10, but once that is done you will need to reinstall all the programs that you use. To reinstall Windows go to your Windows Settings > Update and Security > Recovery. Please note installing Windows does not fall under ROBOTILL Support. If you have any problems you will need to contact your local IT support company.

Problem updating the database

When you get a message that starts with 'Problem updating database', it means that something went wrong during the upgrade (usually because the update process was interrupted).

You will need to restore the database backup file that you made just before you upgraded. If you are unable to restore the backup file because ROBOTILL Back Office closes after the error message, then you can recreate the database before restoring the backup file.

After you restored the backup file, close ROBOTILL Back Office and open it again. The database upgrade process will then start again.

Error creating product. Incorrect syntax near ')'

This error is caused when you have selected parentheses for your negative number format in your Windows regional settings for your numbers and/or currency. To see where to change these settings, follow the instructions for the decimal symbol change but change the negative number format to use the minus sign.

Arithmetic Overflow Error

An arithmetic overflow error can occur if an older version of ROBOTILL is used. Upgrade to the latest version of ROBOTILL to prevent the error from occurring. The upgrade will prevent the error from recurring. To fix the error follow the steps below. 

If you get the error when you access the product list in ROBOTILL Back Office:

  1. In ROBOTILl Back Office, go to Home > Products and Stock > Stock Level Management > Stock Take List
  2. Go down the list and find the item(s) with an incorrect stock on hand value. The problem item(s) will be obvious as it will have a huge stock on hand amount (too big to be a actual stock on hand). Enter the correct stock on hand for the item(s).
  3. You can also check under 'show compound items' for incorrect stock on hand values.
  4. The problem will be fixed once you corrected the values.

If you get the error in ROBOTILL Retail/Restaurant, either when logging in or when you want to add items to a sale:

  1. In ROBOTILL Retail log into the retail app with the user that is giving the error, or in ROBOTILL Restaurant select the table that is giving the error.
  2. Void the sale (even if you don't see any items in the sale).
  3. The problem will now be fixed.