Stock Take

ROBOTILL will keep track of your stock levels as you receive and sell stock. These levels however sometimes needs to be adjusted as actual stock levels might be different due to things like theft or stock that were discarded without using the Discard Stock option.

There are two ways in ROBOTILL to do a stock take - either entering values in a list (grid) or by scanning items and entering the quantity for each item scanned.

To do a stock take, go to ROBOTILL Back Office > Home > Products and Stock > Stock Level Management.

Stock Take (Scanning)

Scan for stock take
  1. You can scan the item that you are counting. You could also type in the stock code or search for the item if needed.
  2. Details of the selected item will be displayed.
  3. Enter the number you counted and press ENTER. The quantity for the item will be updated and the barcode box will get focus - ready for the next scan.
  4. A list of the items you counted in this session will be displayed. 
  5. Only stock take change adjustments are recorded for the Stocktake Adjustments Report. If the counted quantity is the same as the quantity in ROBOTILL then the stocktake for the specific item is not recorded. If the ' Stock On Hand Trace ' report is different to the stock on hand quantity, it is needed to do a stock take in order to give the report a new starting point. Enable this option so that a stocktake will be recorded for this item to get a new starting point for the trace.

Stock Take (List)

Stock Take
  1. You can choose to take stock for a specific department, category or using other filter options you require. 
  2. The list of items for the current selected filter will be displayed. You can enter the number counted for each item in the grid.
  3. If needed you can export the file to CSV format so that you can open it in a spreadsheet for formatting and printing. 

Note: You can choose to update normal items and sub items or compound items. You only need to update one or the other and not both as compound item stock levels are calculated from sub items. If a compound item is changed the sub items are calculated from the compound quantities.

Counted Variances

Any differences between the counted stock and the expected stock quantities will be logged. The stock on hand will be updated to the new counted value. To get a report of stock take variances go to ROBOTILL Back Office > Home > Reports > Stock Take Adjustments.