Product Attributes

Creating new attributes

In ROBOTILL Back Office go to 'Home' > 'Set Up and Settings' > 'Product Attributes'. Click on 'New'.

  1. Enter a name for this attribute group.
  2. Enter one attribute per line
  3. Click on 'Create this Attribute Group'. Once created the button will no longer be available and there will not be a save or update button as changes are saved automatically.

What are attributes used for?

In ROBOTILL attributes (also known as product tags) are used in two ways:

1) Product Variants

Product variants are mostly used on the retail side but can also be used in the restaurant module if needed.
Examples of Retail Product Attributes would be:
  • Size: XX Large, X Large, Large, Medium, Small
  • Packaging: Soft Box, Hard Box
  • Color (or Colour depending on your country): Black, White, Blue, Red, etc.
  • Gender: Male Adult, Female Adult, Male Child, Female Child
To See how product variants work, click on Product Variants.

2) Order Attributes

Order Attributes are mostly used on the restaurant side but can also be used in retail.
Examples of Restaurant Product Attributes would be:
  • Cook: Well Done, Medium, Medium-Rare
  • Sides: Chips, Veggies, Salad, Rice
  • Eggs: Soft, Medium, Hard
  • Coffee: No Milk, Warm Milk, Cold Milk
To see how Order Attributes work click on Order Attributes