The SQL Server Computer Name Changed

If you changed the computer name of your server (the computer where SQL Server is installed) after you installed and started using ROBOTILL, then all your ROBOTILL applications will fail to connect (even on the server).

To fix the connections on the Server

Start ROBOTILL Database Setup Wizard directly. You can either type in 'ROBOTILL' in the search bar and then select the Database Setup Wizard or go to 'All Apps' > ROBOTIILL > 'ROBOTILL Database Setup'. Click on Begin Setup.

SQL Server connection fix

On the next screen, select option 1 or 2.
VERY IMPORTANT: Select the option that you DO NOT want to create the database. If you do not select this option, all your data will be lost.
Click Next.

Existing SQL Server Instance

On the next screen, select I have installed SQL Server and want to use an existing installation. Click Next.

On the next screen you can just click next, the wizard would have automatically picked up the new computer name. Do not change the password or any of the settings unless you did during the first installation.

The wizard will complete and all your connections on the server should now work again.

To fix the connections on the other computers (not the server)

Follow the steps for Additional Install, but simply skip the part where you install ROBOTILL and start the ROBOTILL Database Setup Wizard directly as explained above.