Event Log

ROBOTILL will log certain events in order for you to trace what happened for security reasons. Events logged include the following:

  • When a price change was done as well as the item that was changed.
  • When an item was removed from the sale including a description of the item.
  • When a sale was voided as well as as the amount of the sale
  • Any security override that was done for any function that requires a higher level of security. The person who did the override will also be logged.
  • Each time a bulk import is done.

Each item logged will also include the date, time, cashier or user as well as the drawer and sale it was linked to.

To view the log, from ROBOTILL Back Office, go to 'Home' > 'History' > Events.

Event Log

You can filter the log to find what you are looking for. To view the sale or print the receipt, select the event and then click on 'View Sale'.