Restaurant Order Attributes - Automatic Order Notes

Order Attributes are order notes that are automatically added to the order. When a specific item (product) is selected, the waiter/cashier is automatically prompted to ask the customer about the available options.

For example, if a 'Steak' is added to the order (sale), the cashier/waiter will be prompted and asked to select how the steak should be done.

Order Optoins - Order Notes

The selected option will then be added to the sale item and on the order slip.

Order Optoins - Order Notes

Up to 3 attributes can be added to a product and each attribute can have any number of options.

For our steak example, another two options (for example) could pop up:
Sides: Chips, Veggies, Salad, Rice
Sauce: Mushroom, etc.

To see how to add or edit attributes, see Product Attributes
To allocate one or more attributes to a product, go to Manager > Products.
Select the product and go to the Advanced Settings Tab.

Order Attributes and Notes

For each attribute you want to add, check the 'Enable Attribute' box and select the attribute from the list.
You also need to check the 'Prompt for Attribute Options at Sale' box.

The attribute options that was selected by the customer will be displayed in the order details in the POS screen and will also be printed on the Order Slip. The options will not be printed on the intermediate bill or the till slip.

Note that it is also possible to add a custom note to an order item that will also be added to the order slip.