Service Charge

A service charge is a type of product that you can add to a sale. Instead of specifying a fixed price, you add a service charge as a percentage to a sale. When a service charge is added to a sale, the price is calculated by multiplying the total sale amount by the specified percentage.

To create a service charge, go to ROBOTILL Back Office > Home > Products & Stock > Products. Click on New.

Service Charge
  1. Select 'Service Charge'
  2. Enter a description
  3. Enter a stock code or barcode number
  4. The rest of the fields are optional. But you can use these fields to group the service charge under specific departments, categories, etc.

Select 'Prices' to specify a percentage.

Service Charge Percentage
  1. Select a tax option for the service charge. You can select a zero tax option if needed.
  2. Enter a percentage

Note the following regarding service charges

  • You can only have one service charge per sale.
  • You can select to automatically add a service charge to all sales in the restaurant module - See 'Compulsory Product’ in Restaurant Settings.
  • The service charge will be included in all the reports together with the normal products.