Linking to a Different Server

You might want to use a different computer as your server or you might have incorrectly installed an additional computer that you wanted to add to an existing system, as a ROBOTILL Server. In both cases you need to change the connection settings so that the computer 'links' to a different server.

Server and Local Network

The server already needs to be installed before you can follow these steps. Click here for instructions on how to install the server.

All the computers also needs to connected to the same network (LAN / WIFI). To see if your computers are connected see Network Test.

Changing the Connection

Before you start, do a database backup on the server computer (just in case you do something wrong). 

On the computer that you want to link the server (NOT the server or main computer), go to 'All Apps' ('All Programs' in Windows 7) > ROBOTILL > 'ROBOTILL Database Setpup'. You could alternatively just type 'ROBOTILL Database Setup' in your Windows Search Bar.

The ROBOTILL Database Setup and Connection wizard will open. Click on 'Begin Setup'.

Install on additional computer

Select 'Additional Installation' and click on 'Next'.

Linking computer to server

In the Server Name box, type the computer name of the ROBOTILL Server that you installed. Note that it needs to be the computer name as displayed on the network and not the computer description. Click on 'Next'. The Wizard wil not install SQL Server but will instead connect this computer to the server that is already installed.

If you get an error message after you followed these instructions carefully, click here.