Stock Running Low (Reorder Point) - Order Stock

In the product setup you can specify a Reorder Point (ROP) or a Minimum Stock Level. If the ROP is reached you need to order new stock. You typically calculate a ROP for a stock item as follow:

ROP = ( 'Number of items sold daily (Avg)' x 'Number of days it takes for stock to be delivered after ordered' ) + 'Safety Stock'

If there is stock running low, a warning message will be displayed on the main (Home) screen and 'Product and Stock' screen of ROBOTILL Back Office. To see what stock reached the ROP (needs to be ordered), go to ROBOTILL Back Office > Home > Products and Stock > 'Stock Running Low'.

Stock Running Low
  1. A list of stock that is running low (needs to be ordered) will be displayed. If you select an item the supplier details will be displayed.
  2. You can filter the list of stock if needed.
  3. If you want to create a supplier order, you must first filter by a specific supplier (#2). You can then create an order (see below).
  4. You can edit a product from this list - useful if you want to change the ROP or max stock levels.
  5. You can also export the list of stock that needs to be ordered.

Create an Order from the Stock Running Low screen.

To create an order form to send to the supplier, filter by supplier (see no.1 in the image above). You can then click on 'Create Order' (no. 5 in the image above). The items for that supplier that is currently below the minimum level (ROP) and not already ordered will be automatically added to the Order. You can then complete the order by following the instructions in 'Supplier Order'.

Items Out of Stock

By default ROBOTILL will allow you to sell stock that is 'out of stock' thereby going into a negative quantity on hand. This is sometimes useful as the reason why an item can be sold if it is 'out of stock' is probably because the stock receiving was not done. Instead of causing a problem at the till, the stock will then rather go into negative and the stock quantities can be corrected later.

You can however prevent an item from being sold if out of stock. To enable this go to ROBOTILL Manager go to 'Setup' > 'System Configuration' > 'General Settings' and check the box 'Prevent sale of items out of stock'.