Retail - Quick Start Guide

Retail quick start video

To get started we will show you how to create a simple product and do one sale.

Step 1: Add a Product (Stock Item)

Open ROBOTILL Back Office. If you haven't changed your password yet, your username is 'admin' and your password is 'password'.

To add a product go to 'Products and Stock' > Products. Click on the 'New' button.

Adding a new product

Enter a product description. You should also enter a stock code or a barcode number. The rest is optional. Click on 'Create this Product'.

Adding a new product

Once the product is created, more options for this product will be available. Click on 'Product Prices' and enter a price for the product (you do not need to enter all the values, once you enter one of the values the rest are calculated).

Step 2: Do your first sale

Open ROBOTILL Retail (you can close ROBOTILL Manager if you want) and click on 'Login'. Enter default PIN: 12345 and click on Login again.

An item can either be scanned or you can type the Item Code (Stock Code), barcode or the Description (or any part of the description). As we haven't entered a barcode in setup yet, you can either the type the item code or the description. You can type it using your keyboard or you can click on the keyboard button (next to the enter button of the on screen keypad) and type it using the screen keyboard. Type the item code 'TESTITEM' and press or click ENTER.

Retail Point of Sale

If you want, you can increase the quantity of the item by pressing the PAGE-UP key the number of times you want to increase it or you can use the 'QTY' key just below the sale item.

To complete the sale press F5 on your keyboard or click on the 'Pay' button.

Complete Sale

The pay screen will open.

POS Pay Options

If the amount the customer gives you is the same as the sale amount you can just press ENTER or click on 'Cash'. If it is a different amount you can just type the amount using your keyboard or the on-screen keypad. Note that the customer can pay using different methods for one sale. For example the customer can pay $10 cash and $10 with a card to complete the sale. For this example we will type in 50 and press ENTER.

Sale Change

The receipt will be printed and the amount that was tendered (given by the customer) and the amount of change will be displayed.

That's it! Your first sale is done!

If your printed receipt (till slip) is not looking great you can easily change what it looks like in the Print Design.