Bookings FAQ

How to look at arrivals and departures.

To filter your bookings so that it will only show bookings that will start (arrivals) or end (departures) click on the Menu button in the main window of the Hospitality Module.

Filter bookings

Select the 'Fitler' button.

filter bookings that will start

You can choose to filter by bookings that will start (arrivals) and bookings that will end (departures).

To clear the filter just select the Filter again and select 'Clear'.

How to book per hour.

If your business books out resources per hour, you can change the calender frequency to hours. Select the Menu button in the main window of the Hospitality Module.

change to hours

The calender will change to hours if the frequency was in days or it will change to days if the frequency was in hours.

book per hour

You can at any time change the frequency back to days. The hospitality module will start up with the same frequency (hours or days) that was last used.

How does a restaurant customer add the bill to his/her room.

A customer's restaurant bill cannot be added as a sale transaction for the booked room (resource), but the customer can pay using his account that is linked to his booking (room or resource). If a customer just gives his room number the waiter can select the customer in the restaurant module using his room number.

select customer by room

When selecting a customer for the table, simply select the option to search using current bookings. Note that the current date and time must fall within the booking period before the customer will be displayed as the current booked customer for the room.