Pole Display

Pole Display

Customer Pole Displayes (line displays) are used to display the items being scanned, sale total and change to the customer.

The pole display is set up under PC Settings in ROBOTILL Back Office. PC Settings are specific to a computer, so you will need to open Back Office on each computer (till) you are using to set the settings for that specific computer.

On the computer you want to set up the pole display, open ROBOTILL Back Office. Go to Home > Setup and Settings > PC Settings > Pole Display.

Pole display set up.
  1. Select 'Yes' if you are using a pole display.
  2. Select the port your pole display is using. If you have a USB pole display it will come with software that emulates a COM port. With most USB pole displays it is simply 'plug and play' where it will automatically create a COM port for the device.
  3. The maximum number of characters your display can show (the default is 40). This is used to determine where the second line should begin in your display.
  4. You can send a test message to your pole display.

Change the Thank You message

You can change the welcome / thank you message for the pole display in display settings