Pole Display

Pole Display

Customer Pole Displayes are used to display the items being scanned, sale total and change to the customer.

ROBOTILL supports most standard Pole Displays. The pole display needs to be connect to a serial port (COM port). If it is a USB pole display, then the pole display will come with software that allows you to create a virtual COM port for the display.

To set up the Pole Display, open ROBOTILL Manager on the computer you want to set up and go to Setup > Hardware Setup > Pole Display.

It is important to note that hardware setup is done per computer. You will have to set up the hardware on each computer (as each computer can use diffident hardware).

Pole Display Setup
  1. Check the 'Use Pole Display' checkbox
  2. Select the COM port that the pole display is connected to
  3. The number of available characters is the number of characters that is available in the pole display. It is the total for both lines (so if there are 20 per line, then it will be 40). It is important that you enter the correct number to ensure that messages display correctly.

Change the Thank You message

A couple of seconds after the 'Change' amount was displayed to the customer, a 'Thank you' message will appear. To change the message, open ROBOTILL Manager and go to Setup > General Configuration > General Settings tab.

Pole Display Message

The 'Message Delay' is the number of seconds before the message will be displayed. With other words, the number of seconds that the 'Change' amount will be displayed before being replaced by this message.
The message is broken up into two lines. Note that the new message will only be displayed in the full edition. The free edition will display a free edition message.