Supplier Orders

A Supplier Order is created for a specific supplier. An order form is printed that can be sent to the supplier. There are two ways to create a Supplier Order.

Create an order from the Stock Running Low screen.

The easiest way to create an order is from the stock running low screen as the stock that needs to be ordered (the stock that reached the Reorder Point or ROP) is already listed. See 'Stock Runnning low' for instructions on how to create the order.

Create an order directly

In ROBOTILL Manager, go to 'Products and Stock' > 'Supplier Orders' and click on 'New Order'.

Create Supplier Order
  1. Select the supplier that you want to order from.
  2. You can add items by scanning them or by typing the barcode, stock code, description or part thereof.
  3. You can also add multiple items at once with the Multiple Item Selection screen.
  4. Items added to the grid will have a default order quantity (see below). You can change the default order value in the grid to order any quantity you require.
  5. Click on Create Order

Default Order Quantity

A default order quantity will automatically be added. The default quantity can be changed if needed. The default order quantity is calculated as follow:

Default Order Qty = 'Reorder Qty' - 'Stock on Hand' + 'shortfall due to Order Pack Size'.

  • Reorder Qty: The amount of stock you would want after ordering. With other words your maximum stock level for this product.
  • Stock On Hand: Your current stock on hand as calculated by the ROBOTILL system.
  • Order Packs: Some suppliers require that you order a specific product in multiples of a certain number as they pack (box or shrink wrap) the product in those quantities for easy transport and delivery.

Note that if an item can be ordered in packs (bottles, containers, etc), then Compound Items should be used instead of Order Packs.
Reorder Qty and Pack Size can be specified in the product setup (see 'Advanced Settings' in Product Setup).

Example 1: Carrots
If you order carrots in 1 Kg packs, then your Order Pack Size is 1. If your current stock level is 1.2 and your Reorder Qty is 3, then 2 Kg will be ordered.
3 (Reorder Qty) - 1.2 (Stock On Hand) + 0.2 (Shortfall due to Order Pack Size) = 2

Example 2: Water Bottles
If you order water bottles in 24 packs, then your Order Pack Size is 24. If your current stock level is 9 and your Reorder Qty is 60, then 72 will be ordered.
60 (Reorder Qty) - 9 (Stock On Hand) + 21 (Shortfall due to Order Pack Size) = 72

The Supplier Order Form

An Order Supplier Form will be printed when you create the order.

Order Form

The order form can be customized in the Print Design screen.

Receiving the Order

To receive stock from a supplier that was ordered, go to ROBOTILL Manager > 'Products and Stock' > 'Supplier Orders'. Select the Order and click on 'Receive / View Order'. The order will be opened. Click on 'Receive Stock' and receive the stock as usual. Once all the stock has been received click on 'Finish' in the stock receiving screen. You will return to the 'View Supplier Order' screen.

Receive an order

Items will be colour coded so that you can see what items were received correctly and for which items there was less or more received. If no more items will be received for the order, you can click on 'Complete Order'. It is important to complete an order as items that are on order will not be added to the 'stock running low' screen.