Sale Rounding

Cash rounding can be used in countries where smaller coins are withdrawn from circulation. The rounding amount can be specified in General Settings (see #8 in the link).

It is only the final sale amount that is rounded and not each item in the sale. 

It is not a mathematical rounding as the amount will always be rounded down in the favor of the customer as you can't charge more for a sale than the actual amount for the sale. For example, if you choose to round to 10c (0.10), then an amount of 1.27 will be rounded to 1.20 and not 1.30.

The exact sale amount will be displayed in the sale total. The rounding will only occur when the cashier processes the payment. 

sale rounding

By default the receipts will show the exact amount of the sale (without the rounding). The correct amount tendered and change given (taking the rounding into consideration) will be printed. 

If you prefer to display the rounded amount on the receipt for the sale total (or both), you can change it in the print design

Rounding on receipts and bills

You can add the 'Rounded Total' print item to your receipts. 

Some reports will display the rounded totals while others need to display the actual totals - for example the product sales will not take rounding into consideration as rounding is done on the sale level and not the product level. Details of each report can be found in Reports