POS Printers

When you are printing from ROBOTILL Back Office you will usually be prompted to choose a printer. From the POS modules (Retail/Restaurant) the printer selected for the specific form that must be printed will be used. 

To choose specific printers for specific forms, in ROBOTILL Back Office, go to Home > Set Up and Settings > Settings.

printing forms on different printers
  1. Select Printing.
  2. Select the document/form that you want to allocate a specific printer to.
  3. Select the printer. Your selection will automatically be saved.

The printer that you select will be used by all computers. It is important that the printer name on all the computers are the same. If you are using different printers for different computers (where the printer name is different), then you could rename the printer on each computer (in printer properties) to the same name - for example 'POS Printer'. The other option is to use the local default printer.

If you use the local default printer, you need to select the correct default printer on each computer. In Windows 10 you need to go to 'Printers and Scanners' and de-select 'Allow Windows to manage my default printer'. That will allow you to choose the default printer.

The various slips can be designed for various paper sizes according to your requirements in the Print Design.

Note that the Order Slips will be printed to the various department printers.

If you have problems printing, see Printer Problems.