Stock Receiving

Starting the stock receiving process

Receiving stock NOT ordered from ROBOTILL

To receive stock that was not ordered via ROBOTILL, open ROBOTILL Back Office. Go to 'Home' > 'Products and Stock' > 'Stock Receiving'. Click on 'New'. Continue with 'Receiving stock with or without an invoice from a supplier'.

Receiving stock ordered from ROBOTILL

To receive stock that was ordered from ROBOTILL , go to ROBOTILL Back Office > Home > Products and Stock > Supplier Orders. 

Receive Ordered Stock

Select the order and click on 'Receive Stock'. Continue with 'Receiving stock with or without an invoice from a supplier'.

Receiving stock with or without an invoice from a supplier

Stock Receive
  1. Select the supplier you are receiving the stock from. The supplier is required, so if you are not receiving stock from a specific supplier, just select your default supplier.
  2. If you do not have a supplier invoice you can leave the invoice details empty. If however you do have the invoice, enter the details as it will allow you to compare afterwards what you have paid for with what you actually received.
  3. If you will be making any price changes during stock receiving, you can choose when these price changes should be implemented.
  4. Sales tax will not be calculated on the product cost for the products that do not have any sales tax linked to it. You might however have products that you sell with sales tax but you pay no tax when purchasing the items. Select that you did not pay tax if this is the case. You can set the default for this at Stock Receive Settings
  5. When receiving items and the amounts on the invoice for the line items are the amount with sales tax, select this option. You can set the default for this at Stock Receive Settings
  6. Select this if you want sales tax for applicable items to be added to the product cost of the item. You can set the default for this at Stock Receive Settings
  7. Click on 'Create This Stock Receive Batch'

Receive the stock

Receiving Stock
  1. If the newly created batch (or current selected batch) has an invoice number, the invoice number will be displayed. Otherwise, the system generated stock receive batch number will be displayed.
  2. Select 'Receive Stock' (it will be available once you completed the steps above)
  3. Make sure the barcode box has focus and scan the item you are receiving. Alternatively you can type the code and press ENTER.
  4. You could also search for the item if the code is not available or you can create a new product for this item.
  5. The selected item details will be displayed and the quantity box will receive focus.
  6. Enter the quantity you are receiving and press ENTER.
  7. If you need to change the price for the current item, click on 'Receive and Change Price' instead of pressing ENTER. Follow the steps below for a price change during stock receiving. 
  8. The list of items already received will be displayed. You do not need to complete the receiving of stock in one session. You can close the stock receiving screen and return later to receive the rest. 

When you receive compound items or sub items for compound items, all stock counts will be updated (for both the compound item and the sub items).

Changing prices during stock receiving

When you are busy with stock receiving and the prices from the supplier changed (your unit cost), then you can easily update the prices. You simply enter the number of items you received and then click on 'Receive Stock and Change Price' (or just press ENTER if it is your default selection). The Stock Receive Price Change screen will open.

Stock Receive Price Change
  1. You can enter the amount paid for the items you received. The system will divide the cost with the number of items you received to calculate the new unit cost of the item.
  2. The affected items will also be listed. An affected item is a sub item or the compound item of the item you are receiving. For example, if you received a 6 pack of water bottles that you sell as either a 6 pack or separately, the single water bottle product item will automatically be added so that you can also change the individual price. The unit cost for the individual item will be calculated from the price you paid, divided by the number of items you received, divided by the number of sub items for the specific sub item.
  3. The current price settings will be displayed.
  4. You can enter the new price settings. Note that if you have chosen to use weighted average cost, the cost that you enter will be adjusted to take current stock into consideration.
  5. When you do the price change, the item will be removed from the list of affected items and the next item will be selected. If no more items are left, this screen will close and you can continue receiving stock.

Mark as complete or view GRV

Click on 'Status and GRV' to mark the invoice as completely received or to view the GRV (Goods Received Voucher). In the GRV you will be able to compare what you paid with what you actually received (total for invoice vs total for received stock).