Booking Transactions

You can allocate multiple transactions (sales) to a specific booking. For example, you might require a deposit to be paid and then on arrival another payment for the booking. This will be two separate sale transactions that is linked to the booking. You can then for example later also add another sale transaction for items taken from the mini-bar.

Sales for bookings
  • To add a sale transaction to a booking select the booking.
  • Click on 'Transactions'.
Booking Sales
  1. The details of the selected booking will be displayed.
  2. The customer account balance is not the balance of all the open sale transactions of this client. It is the balance of the customer account (payments that was made for sale transactions using the customer's account).
  3. A list of current transactions will be listed. If this is the first transaction for this booking this list will be empty.
  4. If you select a transaction (3), then the details of the transaction will be listed.
  5. To view the details of the customer account or details of the customer, click on the customer button.
  6. To add a new sale transaction to this booking, click on 'New Sale'. See 'Booking Sale' below.
  7. You can also edit a sale that has not yet been completed (paid)
  8. When you are done, click on Close. Note that sales are not completed in this module (see below).

Booking Sale

When you start or edit a booking sale (number 6 above) the following window will open.

Booking Sale

Note: If there are no items in the left pane of your screen (1), see hospitality menu set up.

  1. Products that are linked to the period of the booking will have the frequency (days or hours) at the back of the product description. If you select one of these items the item will be added to the sale and the quantity will be calculated from the booking period using the specified frequency. The quantity can be changed if needed (4).
  2. Items that does not have a frequency linked to it will be added with a quantity of one.
  3. The quantity of items in the sale can be changed.
  4. Category buttons will open up items for that category in a new selection window. Items selected in that window will be added to this sale transaction.
  5. Once you are done adding items to the sale transaction you can click on done. Note that 'Done' does not complete the sale – see below.

Completing a sale transaction

All payments for the hospitality module is done with the retail module. Open ROBOTILL Retail and click on 'Menu'.

booking payments

Select 'Booking Transactions' from the menu.

booking payments ready for payment

You can search for all the booking transactions that has been marked 'Ready for payment' in the hospitality module. Select the transaction you want to complete.

completing hospitality sale

The transaction will be imported as a sale into the retail module. At this point all the standard sale functionality will be available to the hospitality transaction (discounts, loyalty program, etc.). Payment can be received and the sale completed.