Product not found or not scanning

Not found when doing a search

The search string (description or part thereof) will be used to find that exact wording in the description. If for example you have a product with a description of 'Coke 500 ml' and the cashier types '500ml Coke' then the item will not be found.

The search is not case sensitive but the exact wording needs to be used. A simple solution to the problem (if the cashier is not sure about the correct wording) is to use a key word instead. If the cashier only typed 'coke' then a list of all products containing the word 'coke' will pop up allowing the cashier to choose the correct one.

Item is found with stock code but not description

If you enter the stock code and the item is found but not when you enter the description (and you are sure it is not problem 1 above), then it could be that the product is part of a hidden category.

To check this, open ROBOTILL Manager, go to Products and find the product. Make sure what category is selected for that product. Close the product screen and open POS Categories under setup. Check to see if that category is 'hidden from POS modules'. See POS Categories

If so, move the product to another category or change the category not to be hidden. Remember if you change a category you need to re-open the POS applications so that the new settings can be loaded.

Scale generated barcode scanning but not foud

If it is a scale generated barcode where the product is not found - check your scale generated barcode setup.

Barcode not scanning

The first step would be to determine if the problem is with the barcode, the scanner or the product setup

Open notepad and make sure notepad has focus. Scan the barcode - the barcode number will be displayed in notepad.

Not scanning in notepad

If it is not scanning, it is either a problem with your barcode scanner or the barcode itself. To test if it is a problem with the barcode scanner, scan other barcodes from a product you purchased at another store. If it is not scanning any barcodes, it is a problem with your scanner - consult the manufacturer/supplier.

If it is not scanning your barcode - but it does scan other barcodes, it is a problem with your barcode label or your barcode number. If it is a label that is printed by ROBOTILL, you might just need to increase the size or width of the barcode for it to scan - see Label Setup.

If the barcode number was generated by ROBOTILL and it is not scanning. It can be a problem with your barcode number company prefix. By default it is 00000 but you might need to change that depending on your scanner - see Barcode Generation.

Scanning in notepad - but number differs (pay attention to last digit)

If you enter your own barcode numbers, take note that the number must comply with EAN-13 and EAN-8 barcode number format. If your 13th digit is not the correct checksum digit, robotill will replace it with the correct digit when printing the barcodes. In that case, you will need to update your product setup and change the last digit of your barcode number in the product setup according to what was scanned.

An easier solution would be to let ROBOTILL generate the barcode numbers for you - see Barcode Number Generation.