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Clear Database - how to start from scratch.

Removing test sales and products

If you only did test sales that you want clear, you can use the 'Reset Database' option. Go to ROBOTILL Manager > Tools > Database Tools > Reset Database.

It will give you the option to clear all sales or all sales and all products. It is however only intended to remove some initial testing data and will not remove all the data. If you want to start with a clean database follow the steps below.

Removing all data and starting with a clean database

Note that if you follow these instructions all your current data will be deleted. If you want you can first do a backup of your current data.

Start the ROBOTILL Database Setup Wizard directly. 'All Apps' > ROBOTIILL > 'ROBOTILL Database Setup'

When the wizard start click on 'Begin Setup >>'

Installing ROBOTILL Server

Select Main Computer and click Next.

Installed SQL Server Directly

Select 'I installed SQL Server Directly' (even if you didn't). Click Next and then just accept all the default settings for the rest.

You will now have a new database. Your username will be 'admin' and password will be 'password'.