Vexen Card Payment Device Setup

Vexen Card Reader

To get a quote for a Vexen device or for more information you can contact Vexen directly at

Set up your Vexen device

To set up your Vexen device, go to ROBOTILL Manager > Setup > System Configuration > General Configuration > Payment Options. 

Vexen Setup
  1. Select Vexen as your card processing system.
  2. Enter the Vexen URL - Vexen will let you know what this should be.
  3. Enter your Vexen Site ID - Vexen will supply you with this ID.
  4. You can change the font size and margins for your Vexen receipts. 

The vexen device needs to be linked to a specific computer (POS Point). On the computer that the specific payment device will be used, log into the POS module (ROBOTILL Retail or ROBOTILL Restaurant). Select Menu and then 'Card Payment Device'. 

Till number

Enter a till number that is associated with that specific device. 

Note: If you can't find the 'Card Payment Device' button in the menu or you see a different setup screen to the image above, then first select Vexen as your payment option in ROBOTILL Manager and re-open the POS module.