Install Problems and Fixes

To install ROBOTILL follow ROBOTILL install instructions.

If you get an error during installation, go down the list and find the option that best describes your problem.

1) ROBOTILL was installed and working before

If ROBOTILL was installed and working before but you got a connection error, then you should not try to install again. You should instead follow the connection problem instructions.

2) .NET Framework Problem

If you are using Windows 7 you might get a .NET Framework error during installation. The .NET Framework is part of Windows 10 but sometimes needs to be installed separately in Windows 7.

Install the .NET Framework 4.7.2 (or later) directly from the Microsoft Website.
If you get .NET Framework blocking issues, you will first need to run all outstanding Windows Updates on your PC or manually install SP1 for Windows 7.

3) ROBOTILL installed, but you got an error during the database setup

Choose the correct option below:

3.1) You are installing your only or first PC

If you got an error while trying to install your only PC, or your first PC (your first PC will have the database and will also be your server, doesn't matter if it is a till or back office PC) - then follow the Server Install Problems and Fixes instructions

3.2) You are trying to connect an additional PC to your main (first) PC

If you got an error while you are trying to install another computer that must link to your server (the first PC you installed), then follow the 'Unable to connect a PC' instructions.