Fixing problems connecting a Till (POS PC) or Back Office PC

Follow the steps below to resolve your problem, start from the top and work your way down.

Step 1 - Try again and make sure you follow the correct instructions

Make sure you follow the instructions below step-by-step. Do nothing else, don't change the password or select an option if not specified.

Follow these steps to install an additional till (POS PC) or back office computer.

If you already followed the wrong instructions and you did a server install, follow these instructions to link your PC to a different server.

Step 2 - Make sure you used the correct server name.

Additional PC Error

Check the server name in the error message (see above). The server name must be the device name of your main computer (without the \ROBOTILL part at the end). It is the name that you typed in the server box. Make sure the name is correct. See where to find your server name.

Step 3 - Check your network and server

  1. Check that both computers are connected to the same network (same Wifi / LAN)
  2. Change the network to private on both computers.
  3. ROBOTILL must be installed and working on your server PC. Open the ROBOTILL Back Office app on the server to make sure it is working.

Step 4 - Change the default port

If you got to this point, the problem is probably (95% of the time) that the default SQL port is in use. This will happen if you have another instance of SQL Server installed on your computer or it might be another program using that port number. Follow these instructions on how to change the SQL Port number.

Step 5 - Get help

If you followed all the instructions above and you are still unable to connect the PC, contact one of our resellers that will be able to connect remotely or even assist you on-site (for a fee).