Unable to Connect a Computer

If you want to add a computer (back office or till) to your current ROBOTILL System, then follow the instructions on how to add an additional PC

If you did not follow the instructions above and you did a Main PC/Server install on the PC you want to connect to another PC, then you need to follow the instructions on linking to a different server.

If you got an error, go down the list below to resolve the issue. Start from the top and work your way down as we will start with the most common problems and easiest to fix.

1) Check the server name

Additional PC Error

Check the server name in the error message (see above). The server name must be the name of your main computer (without the \ROBOTILL part at the end). It is the name that you typed in the server box. Make sure the name is correct. On your network must be a computer with that name and ROBOTILL must be installed and working on that computer. 

2) Wrong settings or SQL Server password

Your error message should say 'No advanced settings'. See below.

error connecting a till

If it does not say 'No Advanced Settings', it means you changed the default settings. The only time when this will be needed is if you (or ROBOTILL Support) changed the default port number or you installed SQL server directly. 

If the ROBOTILL Database Setup wizard installed SQL server for you on your server PC, and you did not change the default port number, then follow the additional PC setup instructions and do not change the default settings - you should only type the correct server name in the server box during setup. 

If you are using a different port number, then connect using the correct port number . If you did install SQL server directly, then you should enter the correct  password that you used during installation

3) Check Network and Port

In this step we will test the following:

  • Both computers are on the same network. You should be able to see the computers under 'Network' in File Explorer, but depending on your network settings you might be able to connect even if the computer is not visible in Network computers.
  • The Client PC can connect through a port in the firewall on the Server PC. The default port number for SQL is 1433.
  • On the Server PC sql server instance is running listening on the specified port. By default, the SQL Server instance that the ROBOTILl Database Setup wizard installed will be using this port number. 

Unable to connect PC

In the image above PC 1 is the Client PC and PC 2 is the Server PC.
Have a look at your error message to get your Client and Server PC names and then do this network test.

If the test fails, it is usually a network issue. Make sure that both computers are connected to the same network. If you are sure both computers are connected to the same network, then the issue might be that the ROBOTILL instance can't use the default port as it is in use by another SQL instance or another program that is not running (not listening to incoming traffic on the port number).

You can then follow these instructions on how to change the SQL Port number on the Server PC.
Once that is done, do the test again, this time using the new port number when testing with Telnet.

4) The default SQL Server Port is in use

If the test above succeeded, but you are still unable to connect, then the problem is probably that the port number is in use by another instance. You did not get an error in the step above as the network test got a reponse from another instance (not the ROBOTILL SQL Server instance).

Follow these instructions on how to change the SQL Port number.