Additional PC Setup

You should follow these instructions if ROBOTILL is already working on another PC and you want connect ROBOTILL on this PC to your existing database on the other PC.

If you don't have ROBOTILL working on another PC, you should follow the Main PC Setup instructions instead.

If you haven't already, install ROBOTILL on this computer. 

Local Network

Before you do the set up, you need to make sure that this PC and your main pc (server) is connected to the same network (LAN / WIFI).

Open ROBOTILL for the first time

Open ROBOTILL Manager - the icon will be on your desktop.The ROBOTILL Database Setup and Connection wizard will open. Click on 'Begin Setup'.

Install on additional computer

Select 'Additional Installation' and click on 'Next'.

Linking computer to server

In the Server Name box, type the computer name of the ROBOTILL Server that you installed. Note that it needs to be the computer name as displayed on the network and not the computer description. Click on 'Next'. The Wizard wil not install SQL Server but will instead connect this computer to the server that is already installed.

If you get an error message after you followed these instructions carefully, click here.