Waiter Tips

In the Restaurant module a waiter can add a tip (gratitude) to a sale. The tip can be added at any time but usually the tip will be added after the bill was printed where there customer can enter the gratitude amount.

The tip amount is not added to the sale total but is added to the cash drawer. The Waiter Tip report can be used to pay out the tips (gratitude) to the waiters after a shift or once a week/month as required.

When a waiter wants to add a tip to the sale, the waiter can just click on or touch the Tip button.

Waiter Tip

There are 3 ways to add a tip to a sale:

Option 1: Add Amount As Tip

With this option the amount that is typed will be the tip amount that will be added to the sale total.

Option 2: Amount is total with tip

With this option, the amount that is typed is the total amount given by the customer. The sale total will be deducted and the remaining amount will be the tip. This option is usually used if the customer gives an amount more than the sale total and tells the waiter to 'keep the change'. For example, if the sale total is $ 180 and the customer gives $ 200, then the waiter enters 200 and press 'Amount is total with tip'. The extra $20 will then be the tip.

Option 3: Add Percent Tip

Some restaurants will ask customers to pay a standard tip - usually a percentage of the total. The percentage button will calculate the tip percentage and add it to the sale. The default is 10%.

To change the default tip percentage see Restaurant configuration.

For more information on waiters see 'Waiters'

See also Service Charge