Restaurant Deliveries

For online orders, telephone orders and collections, you can use the delivery feature in ROBOTILL. 

Restaurant delivery training video

To start a delivery order, log into the ROBOTILL Restaurant module and click on the 'Delivery' button. In the deliveries screen, click on 'New' to start a new order. You will be prompted to select or create a customer, and to enter delivery instructions. If the delivery address is different to the customer address, you can use the delivery instructions for that.

delivery order

You can now add products, discounts and other items to the order the same way you would do a normal table order. You can at any time switch between deliveries and table orders by using the 'Delivery' and 'Tables' buttons. On top of the screen it will display if you are busy with an order at a table or a delivery order.

You can continue adding items to the delivery order. You can also complete the sale (payment) if the order was paid upfront (online or EFT payment) or the sale can be left 'open' if payment will be received at a later time.

To return to the delivery details of the order, click on the delivery button again.

online or telephone deliveries
  1. You can filter or search for a specific delivery.
  2. You can create new deliveries (see the steps in the first section above).
  3. To perform any action on a delivery, you first need to select the delivery.
  4. The driver or courier telephone number as well as the telephone number and address of the customer of the selected delivery will be displayed.
  5. The delivery notes for the selected delivery will be displayed.
  6. You can select a driver or courier for the order. A driver needs to be selected before an order is marked as delivered. You can add more drivers/couriers in ROBOTILL Manager > Setup > Drivers.
  7. You can edit the delivery note if needed. You can for example add a tracking number for the courier service.
  8. You can mark the order as dispatched and delivered. Note that if an order is marked as delivered and it has been paid, it will be removed from the list unless you have chosen to show all in the filter.
  9. A delivery note can be printed for the driver. The delivery note can be changed in the print layout of ROBOTILL Manager. 
  10. An intermediate bill (before payment is received) can be printed that the driver can use if it is a cash on delivery order (COD). If the sale was paid upfront then the normal receipt that was printed when the sale was completed can be used.
  11. You can use order slips where each department will receive items from their department that needs to be prepared for the delivery. 
  12. You can return to the sale to edit the sale (add more items, discounts, etc) or to complete the sale (pay the sale). You will only be able to return to sales that have not yet been completed.
  13. To return to a normal sale instead of a delivery, click on Cancel.

Payments for deliveries

You can set up additional payment methods in ROBOTILL. 

If you for example you take online orders and payments, you can add EFT, paypal, or your eCommerce payment options. You can complete the payment before the driver/courier is dispatched and you can provide the driver with the delivery slip as well as the sale receipt.

If you allow cash on delivery, you can supply the driver with a delivery slip as well as an intermediate bill. Once the driver returns with the cash, you can select the delivery and complete the sale. 


Sales from deliveries will be included in all the reports. There is also a delivery report and a driver report specifically for deliveries.