Scale Generated Barcodes

A scale generated barcode, is a barcode that is printed by a scale. The barcode itself contains the item code (PLU, SKU) and the weight or price. To use scale generated barcodes, go to ROBOTILL Manager > Setup > System Configuration > Retail Specific > General Retail Settings and enable scanle generated barcodes.

Example: Club Steak

If you have a butchery that sell club steak at R 77.90 per KG, you can either let the scale add the price or the weight in the barcode. For this example we will let the scale add the price.

Scale Barcode

The product code (PLU/SKU) is 00099 and is in position 2 to 6.
The Price is in position 8 to 12 (14.80). The number actually start at position 9, but a bigger number can start at position 8.

We first set up the scale and that is done in ROBOTILL Back Office > Home > Set Up and Settings > Settings. Select 'Retail Settings'.

Scale Barcodes

We turn on 'Scale Generated Barcodes' and enter the values as we explained above. As there can not be a decimal point in a barcode, you need to specify the decimal places of the value in the barcode (the price or weight). When you use price it will typically be 2 decimal places but if you use weight you might need to change it depending on the unit and scale you are using.

The scale setup is done once for all products. Remember that changes in setup are only loaded during start up, so you will have to restart the POS Application for these changes to take effect.

We now just need to add the product.

Scale Item Setup

Note that you do not enter the full barcode as it will change each time it is printed, you only add the item barcode that will be printed within the barcode. For this example it will be 00099.

Scale Item Setup

You also need to specify the price per KG (or any other unit that you use) so that the correct quantity or price can be calculated.

When the barcode is scanned, ROBOTILL will find the item barcode and the price within the barcode.

The quantity will be calculated from the price (or the price from the quantity if that was selected).