Using a Cloud SQL Server

You can use a SQL Server in the Cloud like Microsoft Azure instead of using a SQL Server on your local network.

Advantages of using a SQL Server in the Cloud:

  • You do not need to have a local network setup to connect multiple tills and back office computers.
  • You can connect any number of tills from any location - distance is not an issue.
  • You can manage and view your shop or restaurant live form home (or any location).

Things to consider (disadvantages) before choosing to use a cloud server:

  • All computers will need an internet connection.
  • The internet connection needs to be fast and stable as you will not be able to work when it goes down.
  • Depending on your internet speed and your cloud server, the performance of ROBOTILL might be negatively affected to the point where it might be visibly slower.
  • The local SQL Server Express that comes with ROBOTILL is free and there are no additional costs. When you use a cloud server you will need to pay the service that you are using. Microsoft Azure is very reasonable with their prices and you only pay for what you use.

Setting Up Your Azure SQL Server

For this example we will use the Cloud SQL Server from Microsoft Azure. You can create a free 30 day account here: Microsoft Azure

Once you created your account, just create a SQL Database. You can use any name for the resource group, server and database.

You will also need to choose a username and password. You can choose any username and password.

Azure SQL Server

The S0 pricing tier should be sufficient for most shops and restaurants. Note that the prices displayed above are in ZAR. The system will display prices in your local currency.

After you created the database, click on the 'Show Database Connection String' as shown below.

Cloud Server Connection String

The following will then be displayed:

Azure Connection String

Copy this string, you will use it when running the ROBOTILL Database Connection Wizard.

That is it! You can now connect ROBOTILL to your new server.

Connecting ROBOTILL to your SQL Server in the Cloud

If you haven't install ROBOTILL yet, you can now install it (Download the install file from

When you open ROBOTILL Back Office, the ROBOTILL Database Setup Wizard will start.

If you already had ROBOTILL installed and you want to change to a cloud server, just start the ROBOTILL Database Setup Wizard directly (you can find it under All Apps > ROBOTILL).

Connecting ROBOTILL to a cloud server

Select the 'I am using a SQL Server in the cloud' option and click Next.

Connecting ROBOTILL to Azure

Paste the connection string you copied from the steps above into the connection string box. Replace your username and password in the string. You also need to remove the curly brackets that is placed around username and password.

The first option (This is my first install) will create the ROBOTILL database tables. The database is already created in Azure, but it is empty and ROBOTILL first needs to create the tables and set it up.
You can use the second option if you are adding an additional computer to the system and you already used the option above during an previous installation.

If you get an error that the IP address is not allowed. Go back to your Azure portal and click on the firewall option (see below).

Azure Setup

The Azure portal will detect the current IP address and you can just add it.

Note that the backup and restore features of ROBOTILL will not work if you are using a cloud server. Your cloud service should however include a backup plan.