Frequently asked questions (FAQ) and common user issues

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User Change Request

We appreciate all user suggestions and requests for new features. Your request will be added to our user request list and will be reviewed by our development team for possible inclusion in an upcoming version. 

If and when a request will be added depends on a lot of factors and it can sometimes take weeks or even months before a request is reviewed as our development team is very busy. Your email address will be added to the specific request and you will be notified by email if your request has been implemented.

How much does the full edition cost?

To view prices or to do a payment go to All prices are on our website. There are no hidden fees.

You only pay per POS computer (till), not for the back office computer. Please note with `till` we are referring to the software licence for ROBOTILL. ROBOTILL does not supply any hardware.  You can purchase the POS hardware from your local IT store or online.

Where do I find the server name?

The server name is the device name of your main (first) computer (where the ROBOTILL is installed and working). To get the device name, go to Windows Start > Settings > System > About.

When installing an additional computer, you have to follow the instructions for an  additional installation.