Point of Sale Software - ROBOTILL -


The waiter setup in ROBOTILL is flexible so that it can work for any type of restaurant or bar. For example:

  • You can choose not to use waiters. The waiter selection will then be skipped.
  • You can choose if a waiter should enter a password, scan an employee card, or if a waiter can just be selected.
  • If waiters and cashiers share a POS computer (till), then you can choose to allow a waiter to complete a sale or not.

To choose these options, go to Manager > Setup > System Configuration > Restaurant Specific > Restaurant Settings

Waiter Setup
  1. Choose if you want to use waiters. The waiter selection will be skipped if you choose not to use waiters. If each waiter is also a cashier, you could also choose not to use waiters. If this option is chosen, the logged in cashier will automatically be allocated as the waiter.
  2. If 'Ask waiter for password' is selected, a waiter will be asked to enter his password or swipe a card each time a table is selected that is allocated to that specific waiter.
  3. If waiters share a POS Point with the cashier, you can choose that only a cashier should be allowed to complete a sale. In that case the logged in cashier will be prompted to enter his password or swipe/scan an employee card when doing the payment.
  4. One of the tip options is a percent. You can set the percent for waiter tips. See 'Waiter Tips'.
  5. Once an item has been added to the sale (table), the item can be cleared (removed) from the sale depending on your security settings for that task. You could choose not to allow items to be removed once they have been ordered. In that case, the item can be removed from the sale/table only if the item has not already been sent through to the specific department (for example kitchen or bar).
  6. If you want all items that are allocated to specific departments (kitchen,bar) to be ordered when added, you can set the option to automatically print order slips. If a waiter forgets to click/touch the 'Order' button, then the un-ordered items will automatically be printed when another table is selected or the waiter logs off.

For the rest of the settings in this screen, see Restaurant Configuration.

To create a waiter, add the waiter as a normal user in ROBOTILL.

The Waiter List will appear after a restaurant table was selected (if you chose to use waiters). You could also choose to use employee cards and let the waiters scan/swipe their cards instead. See Users and Log in Options.

Tables and Waiter Selections

When a sale is started, a table is selected (see Restaurant Tables) and a waiter is allocated to that table. The waiter allocation can be changed at any time (click on 'Sale Options' > 'Change Waiter').

If you are using multiple till points or waiter stations, the waiter will be able to select his table from any point and add items to the sale. The sale can be completed by any logged in cashier at any till point.

Allowing specific users to select any table

If you want to allow a manager or supervisor to select any table that is allocated to another waiter without changing the waiter allocation you will need to choose to use employee cards for waiters. If a user with the required rights swipe his card when selecting a table that is allocated to another waiter, he will be notified that the table is allocated to another waiter and asked if he wants to continue. To choose what users can perform this action you can set the 'Choose any table' task in Task Security.

Waiter Stations

Restaurant Waiter Station

To create a dedicated waiter station that will not be used for payments, do the following:

1) You will need another Windows computer. A touch screen will be better but is optional.
2) Link the new ROBOTILL installation to your server by following these steps when you install.
3) In ROBOTILL Manager (from any computer), create a 'Waiters' user (or multiple of these for each waiter station).
4) If you chose not to automatically allocate cash drawers then you will need to open a drawer for this user in ROBOTILL Manager. As no sales will be completed from this point, the drawer (shift) can stay open and it will not be needed to do a cash-up on the drawer. In your restaurant waiter setup you can choose if you want waiters to log in (or swipe/scan their employee cards) before they are allowed to add items to a sale.
5) At your waiter station, log in using the generic 'Waiters' user. Each waiter can then simply select his table and add items as needed, send order slips through to the kitchen, etc.
6) At the till point, the cashier will then be able to select any table and complete the sale.

Waiter Tips

See Waiter Tips