ROBOTILL has been designed to be flexible so that you can work with almost any type of waiter set up. To select the waiter set up that will work for you choose your settings in the Restaurant Configuration.

To create a waiter, add the waiter as a normal user in ROBOTILL. You could also choose to use employee cards and let the waiters scan/swipe their cards instead. See Users and Log in Options.

Tables and Waiter Selections

When a sale is started, a table is selected (see Restaurant Tables) and a waiter is allocated to that table. The waiter allocation can be changed at any time (click on 'Menu' > 'Change Waiter').

If you are using multiple till points or waiter stations, the waiter will be able to select his table from any point and add items to the sale. The sale can be completed by any logged in cashier at any till point (if that option was selected).

Allowing specific users to select any table

If you want to allow a manager or supervisor to select any table that is allocated to another waiter without changing the waiter allocation you will need to choose to use employee cards for waiters. If a user with the required rights swipe his card when selecting a table that is allocated to another waiter, he will be notified that the table is allocated to another waiter and asked if he wants to continue. To choose what users can perform this action you can set the 'Choose any table' task in Task Security.

Typical Waiter Options

Not using waiters

If you have a take fast food restaurant or you don't want to use waiters, in Restaurant Configuration choose the following options:

  • Cashier is the waiter
  • Use a default table.

Also see Using a Default Table.

Waiters do not have access to POS Software

If your waiters place their table orders at the cashier but do not work in the software directly, choose the following options:

  • Do not select 'Table allocation is done with PIN'.
  • Do not select 'Waiter must confirm identity when selecting a table'.

This will result in the cashier being able to select the waiter from a list and adding order items to the table for the waiter.

Using waiter stations

Restaurant Waiter Station

To create a dedicated waiter station that will not be used for payments, do the following:

1) You will need another Windows computer. A touch screen will be better but is optional.
2) Link the new ROBOTILL installation to your server by following these steps when you install.
3) You can create a 'Waiter Station' user to log in as a cashier at the waiter station. This user will not be used to complete any sales but will be left logged in so that the waiters can place orders for their tables (add tips, print intermediate bills, etc.) at this POS point.

For this option you will typically make the following selections:

  • 'Table allocation is done with PIN'.
  • 'Waiter must confirm identity when selecting a table'.
  • Cashier must enter PIN to complete sale. (this is to prevent waiters from completing a sale).
  • Allow any cashier to take over any table.
  • Disable auto logout.

Waiters are also cashiers (completing their own sales)

Some restaurants let their waiters use 'money bags' where they do their own financial transactions (payments, give change, etc.). Each waiter is his own cashier. For this set up choose the following options:

  • Cashier is waiter
  • Table allocation must be done with PIN
  • Waiter must confirm identity each time table is selected (optional).
  • Cashier must enter PIN when completing a sale (optional).
  • Make the auto logout time short. Each waiter must log out when done so that the next one can log in as a cashier.

Waiter Tips

See Waiter Tips