Users and Login Options

A user is anyone working with the ROBOTILL system. It can be a cashier, waiter, supervisor or administrator.
To add a new user, go to ROBOTILL Back Office > Home > Setup > Users. Click on 'New'.

  1. The username needs to be unique. If you have more than one user with the same name you could for example use the name and first letter of the surname to make it unique.
  2. Select a user role. You will need at least one Manager user. You can change what each user role can do in Task Security.
  3. The PIN or Card Number is used for logging into the POS Applications. If you are not using employee cards it is suggested that you only use a number so that the user can also use the on screen keypad to enter his number. The number (PIN) can be any length. If you are using barcoded employee cards it must be the barcode number. If you are using a card reader it must be the information that a card reader returns when that employee's card is swiped.
  4. The name and last name is optional.
  5. The password will not be available if you are creating a normal user as they only need a PIN. If you create a Manager or Supervisor you will need to enter a password for the user as they use both (password and PIN).
  6. Click on 'Create this user' to create the user. Once created the button will not be availableĀ and there will not be a 'save' button as changes are saved automatically.

Using Card Readers or Scanners to log in users

You can use a card system to log in users instead of usernames and passwords. The card system can be any card system with a reader that will return a unique employee number to the computer. If you don't have a card reader, you can also simply print barcodes (containing the employee numbers) on pieces of paper that you laminate for employee cards. You can then use your barcode scanner to scan the employee card.

If you want to use a card system to log in users, you need to enter the Card Number for each user. A card number is the number on the card that will be returned each time the card is swiped or scanned. You also need to seelct the option to use employee cards in Till Session Settings