POS Printer Problems

If you are unable to print from the POS applications or you get an error message, follow the steps below. Start from the top and only go to the next step if you are still unable to print. 

1) Default printing disabled

In ROBOTILL Retail or Restaurant, click on 'Reprint Last Slip'. If it does print, it means that you have turned of automatic slip printing. See #1 in general settings.

After you changed the setting you need to re-open the retail/restaurant application so that the new settings can be loaded.

2) Check the printer

Make sure the printer is correctly installed and is printing. Open Notepad and print a test page from notepad. If it doesn't work, it is a printer problem. Make sure your printer is correctly installed. If you are unable to get it to work, contact a local IT support company.

Note: If you are unable to print from notepad, it will not help if you follow the rest of the instructions as the rest of the instructions assumes that your printer is working properly.

3) Check your printer selection

Choose a specific document that you want to test - for example the retail receipt without customer selection. Check that the correct printer is selected for the print form. See POS Printers.

4) Check your default printer

If you have selected 'local default printer' in the step above, test your default printer by following the steps below. If you are not using the default printer, then you can skip this step.

Right click on the Windows Start button and click on Run. Type in Wordpad and press Enter.

Start wordpad

Wordpad will open. Type 'Test' in wordpad and select File > Print > Quick Print.

POS Printer Test

If the test page does not print on your POS printer, it means you did not select the POS printer as your default printer. See POS Printers on how to select the default printer.

5) Before you contact ROBOTILL support

Before you contact ROBOTILL support, do the following:
Select Microsoft PDF Printer for the form you are having problems with. Restart the retail or restaurant application and print.

ROBOTILL support will ask you to email them a screenshot of the error message that you get when printing to the PDF printer as well as a screenshot of the selected printer for the form. 

The reason for this is that if it prints (it will), then it can only mean you selected the wrong printer or there is a problem with the printer itself.