Database Backup

It is important to do regular backups. It is also advisable to store the backup files on another device in a separate location or in the cloud as part of a disaster recovery plan in the event of hard drive failure, fire, theft, etc.

To do a backup, or to change your backup settings, go to your main PC (Server PC) and then in ROBOTILL Back Office > Home > Database.

Backup database
  1. Select Database Backup
  2. You need to select a backup folder where the backup files will be created. You only need to select a backup folder once. When selecting a backup folder do not use a user folder
  3. Do do a backup now. You can click on 'Backup Now'.
  4. You can choose to enable daily backups. A backup will automatically be made on a daily basis into the backup folder you selected. You can choose how many backup files to keep. It is a good idea to keep backups for a couple of days. If for example you made a mistake when doing a bulk import (affecting thousands of records), but the mistake is only picked up 2 days later, the last two backup files will have the incorrect records. So keeping only the latest backup file would mean you can't go back 3 days to restore the data before the error occurred. 

Do not use a user folder

The backup folder cannot be in user specific folders like Documents, Download, Desktop, etc. If you do, you will SQL Server will give an error of 'Access Denied'.

Backup Error

Create a folder out of your C drive (or another drive) to use for backups. For example: C:\Backups.

Restore a backup file

See Restore Database