POS Hardware

All POS Hardware in ROBOTILL are optional. ROBOTILL can work with a USB barcode scanner, touch screen, card reader (for customer or cashier/supervisor log in), electronic cash drawer, pole display and POS scales.

Barcode Scanner

ROBOTILL will work with any USB Barcode Scanner.

POS Slip Printer

ROBOTILL can work with a standard printer or a POS slip printer. ROBOTILL can also print logos and graphics and therefor older text only printers might not work. By default, the POS applications will use the default printer on the computer but this can be changed. See POS Printers. If your slip printer does not want to print, see POS Printer Problems.

Electronic Cash Drawer

See Electronic Cash Drawer

Pole Display

To setup the a Pole Display in ROBOTILL see Pole Display

POS Scales

See Retail Scales

Card Machines for Payments

ROBOTILL can link directly to your card reader to process payments. See Payment Card Readers for a list of supported devices and instructions.