Product Variants

Product Variants help you to add multiple products (Stock Items) quickly where the products are identical (price, tax option, category, etc) except for small attribute differences (example size, color, flavour, etc).

Variants are linked, so if you update the price (or other settings like category, department, unit cost, etc), then all the linked variants will be updated. You will be able to track sales and 'stock on hand' for each individual variant of a product.

The variants can have the same description but should have a different (and unique) stock code or barcode. (SKU/PLU).

To use variants you must first create the different available attributes. See Product Attributes.
You can have any number of attribute groups in the system and an attribute group can have as many attributes as needed but you can allocate a maximum of three groups to a specific product.

Once your attributes are created, you can create product variants. Create a product as usual (see Retail Product Setup). In the 'Advanced Settings' tab you allocate the appropriate attribute groups to the product.

Product Attributes

Once you allocated the attributes you want, then you can add the variants in the 'Product Variants' tab.

Product Variants

You can change the description for each variable if you want (this is optional), but you must specify a unique stock code or barcode for each variant.

By default if you work with products, the variants of each product will be hidden. To see the variants, open ROBOTILL Manager and select 'Products and Stock' > 'Product Setup'.

Display Product Variants

Check the box that says 'Show Variants and Attributes'. The variants will be displayed with the other products as well as the attributes for each variant.