Electronic Cash Drawer

To set up the Electronic Cash Drawer, open ROBOTILL Manager on the computer you want to set up and go to Setup > Hardware Setup.

It is important to note that hardware setup is done per computer. You will have to set up the hardware on each computer (as each computer can use diffident hardware).

POS Hardware

ROBOTILL supports most Electronic Cash Drawers.

If you do not use a cash drawer simply select number 1 above.

Cash Drawer with a Serial Port (COM Port) connection (RS232)

Select number 2 and in number 3 select the port that the drawer is connected to. You can then enter the open code (number 6). Most drawers use a default code of 7. If your drawer does not open you can have a look at the documentation or contact the manufacturer to get the open code.

Cash Drawer connected via the POS Printer (RJ11)

Select number 4 and then select the printer (number 5). You should then enter the Drawer Open Code for your specific model. The open codes should be in the documentation of your printer/drawer, or you can have a look at our list of open drawer codes.

USB Cash Drawer

If you are going of purchasing a cash drawer, we do not recommend a USB Drawer as some of them lack the required software to work with ROBOTILL. If you already have one, follow the instructions below.

With a USB Drawer you must use an emulator to create a Virtual COM Port. Most USB Drawers comes with software that will allow you to create a virtual port. If your model does not have the functionality to create a virtual com port, then you can try and find an emulator online that can create one for your specific drawer.

After you created the virtual COM port, just follow the instructions above for a Serial/COM port driver.

Some USB Drawers also comes with a program that can be called from the command line (command window) to open the drawer. If that is the case you can use the Command option (number 8 above). If the command requires the use of parameters you can put it in a BAT file and then call the BAT file from the Command option in ROBOTILL. Contact ROBOTILL support if you need help.