ROBOTILL Branch Module

ROBOTILL can work with any number of tills (POS Computers) and back office computers (ROBOTILL Manager) on a local network. Branch support and using ROBOTILL Branch Module is a more advanced feature and is optional. It is only needed if you want to manage multiple branches from one location.

If you want to manage multiple shops or branches over the Internet, then you will need the ROBOTILL Branch Module.

Point of Sale Software for Multiple Branches

The ROBOTILL Branch Module allows you to do the following remotely (over the Internet):
  • Update branches with product setup including prices, sub items, variants, etc.
  • Update branches with print design and other setup.
  • Transfer stock between branches.
  • View the progress of stock transfers (date and time dispatched with quantities, date and time received with confirmed quantities).
  • Receive reports from branches (see note below).

Note: Not all reports will be received remotely. See 'Branch Module Reports' in the Report List.

Multiple Branch Support Applications

  1. ROBOTILL Branch Module - This application is installed at the head office. Only one is needed to manage multiple branches. You will need to purchase a license for this application. See Head Office Setup below for install instructions.
  2. ROBOTILL Branch Updater - This application is installed at the branches. If the head office is used as a branch or warehouse then one can be installed at the head office as well. No additional license for this application is required but it needs to be installed on a licensed POS or Back Office computer. See Branch setup below for install instructions.

Note: These applications is not available in the free edition.

Set-Up for multiple branches

Step 1: Set-Up your head office

Step 2: Set-Up your branches

Working with the Branch Module

1) Remotely update branches

2) Transfer Stock