Multiple Branches - Head Office Support

ROBOTILL allows you to enable head office support. Head office support can be used to manage multiple branches in different locations over the internet. It can also be used if you only have one shop but needs to update products and receive reports remotely.

Multiple Branches

Each shop or restaurant should still be managed locally for things like adding cashiers, doing cash ups, receiving stock, etc. Head office features are features that will typically be done by a 'head office'. You can do the following:

  • Update branches remotely with product setup including prices, sub items, variants, etc.
  • Update branches with new categories, departments, attribute groups and print design.
  • Transfer stock from the head office to branches or between branches. Each branch will receive a stock transfer order within their ROBOTILL Back Office application that they must process. At the head office you can track the transfers to see how much was transferred and received and when.
  • Receive reports remotely and automatically from branches (stock on hand for each branch, sales per day and sales per product).

For more information on head office support see: