Changing Prices and Specials

You can change a price for a singe item in the Product Setup Screen. If you however have multiple price changes to do, it will be faster to do it with 'Price Maintenance and Specials'.

You can also set up specials for prices that will change for a specific period. In Manager, click on Stock and then 'Price Maintenance and Specials'.

In ROBOTILL Manager, from the menu go to 'Products and Stock' > 'Maintenance and Specials'

POS Price Maintenance and Specials

Important: Choose the 'New Items Settings' (see #1 above) BEFORE you add items to the grid. The settings are applied to items being added to the grid and not items that has already been added.

If you choose that it will be a 'special' (see #1 above), there will be two entries for each item in the grid. One for the start and one when the special end to change it back to the original price.

  1. You can add one item at a time by scanning the item or typing the code.
  2. Or you can add multiple items using a filter.
  3. Once the items are added, you can do the price changes in the grid.

The price changes will only take affect on the selected date. If 'now' was selected, it will be changed when you exit the form.

Remember that it is always a good idea to to a backup before you do any changes that affect multiple items in the system.