Point of Sale Software - ROBOTILL -

Upgrade ROBOTILL to the latest version.

To upgrade to the latest version is easy and quick. To see what is new in ROBOTILL have a look at the ROBOTILL BLOG or like the ROBOTILL Facebook page to get notifications of new versions.

How to upgrade ROBOTILL

Before you upgrade first do a database backup.

To upgrade your current ROBOTILL installation simply download the latest ROBOTILL install file and run the install file.

The install file will upgrade your current version. You will not loose any data and your current connection settings will stay the same.

Upgrading from an old version of ROBOTILL (before version 8)

With older versions of ROBOTILL (before version 8) you will first need to uninstall the old version (not needed for upgrades from version 8).

You uninstall ROBOTILL from the control panel of Windows (Add or Remove Programs). Note that you only uninstall the ROBOTILL applications and not the database or SQL Server. So you will not loose any data and will not need to run the database setup wizard again or to install SQL Server.

Remember to do a database backup first.

Open 'Add or Remove Programs' from your Windows Control Panel.

Uninstall ROBOTILL

Select ROBOTILL and click on Uninstall. You can type 'ROBOTILL' in the search box to quickly find it in the list of programs.

After you uninstalled ROBOTILL, simply run the new setup program of the latest version and complete the install.