Customers and Accounts

Adding a Customer

A customer can be created from ROBOTILL Manager (back office program) or the POS apps (Restaurant and Retail modules). You can choose who is allowed to add new customers in the Task Security setup.

To add a customer, in ROBOTILL Manager go to Customers > Customers and click on 'Add Customer'. To add a customer from the Retail or Restaurant module, click on the 'Customer' button. Note than when you create a customer from the retail or restaurant module you will only be able to set up the basic customer information. For more detail access the customer from ROBOTILL Manager.

General Customer Information Tab

Customer Information
  1. The account number will be allocated by the ROBOTILL system.
  2. If you do not want to use the ROBOTILL allocated account number, you can use your own unique customer account number. This account number can also be used on customer cards (see section below on customer cards).
  3. You can use either a person's name, a company name, or both.
  4. The rest of the customer information is optional. The information can be printed on various receipts, slips and documents in ROBOTILL.
  5. Click on 'Add customer' to add the customer. Some features in the rest of the customer screen will only be available once a customer has been created.

Customer Account Tab

Customer Account
  1. The credit limit (the amount that this customer can buy on credit).
  2. The password that the customer needs to supply when purchasing on account. If you don't want to use passwords this field can be left empty.
  3. The current customer balance. The balance cannot be changed. To change a balance you need to edit or debit the account.
  4. You can print or view statements for this customer
  5. If an account needs to be credited or debited for some reason other than a normal sale or account payment, then the Credit/Debit function can be used.

See below for more information on Customer Accounts.

Customer Stats and Rewards Tab

Customer Stats and Points
  1. Total number of sales that this customer has made from the start.
  2. Total amount the customer has spent from the start.
  3. The customer price tier (see below).
  4. Loyalty Program (see below)

For more infomation about Customer Price Tiers see 'Price Modes and Tiered Pricing'.
For more information on the Loyalty see Loyalty Program.

Customer Notes Tab

Customer Notes
  1. You can type any note that you want to add to the customer history.
  2. Click on 'Add Note'. The date and time will automatically be added.
  3. You can also delete a note. Select the note and click on 'Delete Selected Comment'.
  4. All the customer notes can be printed.

More on Customer Accounts

Account payments can be done from the POS application. When a customer purchase on account, the 'Account Payment' till slip will be printed where the customer can sign for the purchase. The account payment slip can be changed in Print Design

The customer statement layout can easily be changed and more fields added by using drap and drop functionality in the Print Design Tool.

Customer Statement Design

Paying with an Account at the Till

If a customer wants to pay with an account, the cashier can simply click on the 'Account' button in the pay screen.

Pay with account

If the customer was not selected at the start of the sale, the cashier will be prompted to select a customer.

account payment

The cashier will be prompted to enter an amount to pay. The customer can do a partial payment with an account and pay the rest with another method like cash or card. If passwords is used, the customer will be asked to supply a password that the cashier can enter. For better security customer cards can be used.

When an account payment is used a customer account payment slip (receipt) will be printed that the customer can sign (if required).

Using Customer Cards

When a cashier selects a customer for a sale the cashier needs to search for that customer. You could use customer cards instead. These cards can be used to purchase on account or to change the price mode to a different price tier. To use Customer Cards go to ROBOTILL Manager > Setup > System Configuration > General Configuration.

Use Customer Cards

Check the box that says use customer cards. Remember to restart any POS Apps that was open after changing this setting. The next time a customer selects a customer for a sale by pressing the 'Customer' button the 'Swipe Customer Card' screen will appear.

USe Customer Cards

You can use magnetic cards with a card reader or you can simply print the customer details on a card with a barcode and use a barcode scanner.

You can choose between using the ROBOTILL Account numbers (the number should then be preceded with zeros to make up the full barcode) or you can choose to use your own alternative account number. See the setting in the image above.

If there is a problem reading the card, then the cashier can click on the 'Search' button to select the customer manually.