Recreate ROBOTILL Database

Please Note: You should only follow these instructions if instructed to do so as part of another set of instructions. You will lose all your data. You will need to do a database restore after you follow these steps.

On your main comptuter (your server computer where the database is installed), start the ROBOTILL Database Setup Wizard directly. 'All Apps' > ROBOTIILL > 'ROBOTILL Database Setup'

When the wizard start click on 'Begin Setup >>'

Installing ROBOTILL Server

Select Main Computer and click Next.

Installed SQL Server Directly

Select 'I installed SQL Server Directly' (even if you didn't). Click Next and then just accept all the default settings for the rest.

Open ROBOTILL Back Office and log in with the default username (admin) and the default password (password). Go to Home > Database > Restore Database and do a database restore using your latest backup file.