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Uninstall ROBOTILL SQL Server

Please note:

  • You should NOT uninstall SQL Server if you are upgrading to a new version of ROBOTILL.
  • You should NOT uninstall SQL Server if you are experiencing connection problems.
  • It is very seldom needed (and recommended) to uninstall SQL server to fix a problem.

Only uninstall SQL Server for the following reasons:

  • You want to complete remove ROBOTILL from your computer including the SQL Server instance that was created for ROBOTILL.
  • You were instructed by ROBOTILL support to uninstall SQL Server.
  • You were instructed by another ROBOTILL help page to uninstall SQL Server to fix an SQL Server installation problem.

To uninstall the ROBOTILL instance of SQL Server from your computer, follow the steps below

In your Windows search bar type 'Add or Remove Programs' and hit ENTER.

Uninstall SQL Server

In the search box type 'Microsoft SQL Server' and select 'Microsoft SQL Server 2014' (or later version if you installed a later version). Click on Uninstall.

Uninstall SQL Server

Click on 'Remove'.

Uninstall SQL Server

Select the ROBOTILL instance and click Next.

Uninstall SQL Server

Click on 'Select All' and then Next.

Uninstall SQL Server

Click on 'Remove' and wait for the unintsall to finish.
Restart your computer first if you are planning on installing again.