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Network Test

If you are using more than one computer for ROBOTILL, then all the computers needs to be to the same network (LAN/WIFI).

When you open File Explorer, under Network the other computers you want to use should be visible. If they are not, you can also try the following test:

This test will involve two computers:

  • The server computer - the main computer where ROBOTILL is installed and is working (ROBOTILL Manager should open without giving any errors).
  • The additional computer (client) - the computer with the problem (where you get the connection error).

On the additional computer (not the server), open File Explorer (called Windows Explorer in earlier versions).
In the address bar, type '\\SERVERNAME' in the address bar where SERVERNAME is the name of your server (the computer with the ROBOTILL database).

Example, if your current computer name is POS-PC and your server name is LIGHTSABER, then you will type \\lightsaber (see the image below).

check network and server

You should see the default shared folder of the server or you should be prompted to enter the network credentials.

If you get an error when doing this test, then the computers are not connected. When both computers are on the same network ROBOTILL will help with the connection - we will however not help with the setup of your WIFI or local network.