SQL Server Fails To Start

The only time you should follow these instructions is if you got a connection error when opening ROBOTILL. You then followed the instructions to fix a connection problem and were instructed to restart SQL Server. While attempting to restart SQL Server you get an error that says SQL Server failed to start or it stops immediately after starting.

Try one more time

Restart your computer and try again. Try to restart SQL Server again. Only if the problem persists follow the rest of the instructions.

The reason you are getting this problem

If the problem persists it means that database files or SQL Server system files are missing or corrupted. Files on your computer can be damaged or get corrupted for many reasons (example a virus) but the most common reason is power failures (where no proper shut down was done) or power surges (usually when the power comes back on).

Steps you can try to resolve the problem

Step 1: Database restore

It is possible that it is only the ROBOTILL database files that got damaged (missing or corrupted). Try doing a database restore using your latest database backup. As you are unable to start the database restore from ROBOTILL Manager, you have to start the restore app directly.

In File Explorer go to your ROBOTILL program folder - by default it is:
C:\Program Files (x86)\ROBOTILL\ROBOTILL
and run RTRestore.exe. Continue the steps to do a database restore.

Step 2: Re-install SQL Server

If step 1 did not resolve the issue, it means that SQL Server files are missing or corrupted.

  1. Uninstall SQL Server
  2. After restarting your computer, start the ROBOTILL Database Setup Wizard directly - go to All Programs > ROBOTILL > ROBOTILL Database Setup.
  3. Follow the main PC set up instructions
  4. Do a database restore using your latest backup file.

Step 3: Reinstall Windows

If step 2 did not fix the problem, then it means there are other system files required by SQL Server that are corrupted. As a last resort you can format your computer and re-install Windows.

The good news is in Windows 10 this is not as painful as it sounds but it will take you a day or two to get up and running again as you will need to re-install everything from scratch. To re-install Windows go to Windows Settings > Update and Security > Recovery.

Note that ROBOTILL support will not give support with any issues relating to installing Windows. If you are not comfortable doing the restore on your own you could take your PC to a computer repair shop and ask them for help.