Fix Database Problems

Database problems have to do with records in the database that is causing a problem because of one of the following reasons.  

Computer date was turned foward

If you get a message that ROBOTILL is unable to validate the licence because of an incorrect computer date even though your computer date is correct, it means that at some point your computer date was turned forward and you did sales with a future date.

Even if your computer date is now correct, there are still sales in the system with a future date that will cause problems. 

Contact ROBOTILL Support. They will email you instructions that you can follow to fix the problem. 

Please note: ROBOTILL Support will email you instructions on how to move all the sales with a future date back to one date and time in the past. This will resolve your licensing issue, but your reports will obviously not be correct. It is important that you find out why your computer date was turned forward and prevent it from happening again. You can set Windows to automatically sync the date and time if the computer connects to the internet.

Sales tax ID 0 not found

if you get an error message: 'Problem adding item to sale: Sales tax ID 0 not found', it is the same problem as 'barcode number in use' below. Follow the steps below.

Barcode number is in use (but it is not)

If you want to create a new product but you get a message that the barcode number is in use, first make sure that it is not in use. 

Go to ROBOTILL Back Office > Home > Products and Stock > Products. In the search drop down, select Barcode. Enter the barcode number that you are trying to use. If the product is  found, then you can either delete the product or use another barcode number (barcode numbers are unique).

If the product is not found, then it can be because of an issue with an earlier version of ROBOTILL that has been fixed. In versions before 9.03.05 the creation of a new product sometimes failed. The barcode number for that failed product would however stay reserved. To make the barcode number available again follow the steps below. 

  1. Upgrade to the latest version
  2. Go to ROBOTILL Back Office > Home > Database > Fix Database Problems
  3. Select 'Remove Missing Record'
  4. Enter the barcode number that you are trying to use.
  5. Click on 'Remove Missing Record.'