Cannot Open Database 'redtill'

The Problem

Failed to connect. Cannot open database

On the main (or only) computer, you get the error message: Unable to connect to SQL server - Cannot open database 'redtill'. 

This usually means your database is corrupt. This can happen when the database files get damaged due to hardware issues. An example would be a powersurge after a power failure that causes corruption on the hard drive. 

Solution 1: Recreate the database

Follow these steps to recreate the database.

Solution 2: Re-Install SQL Server

If solution 1 failed, then it means that it is probably the master database that was also corrupted or even the SQL server instance that has a problem You will then need to re-install SQL server.

  1. Uninstall SQL Server
  2. After restarting your computer, start the ROBOTILL Database Setup Wizard directly - go to All Programs > ROBOTILL > ROBOTILL Database Setup.
  3. Follow the main PC set up instructions
  4. Do a database restore using your latest backup file.