Cash Drawers (Shifts / Till Sessions)

Each shift is linked to a cash drawer (also known as a till session). A cash drawer in ROBOTILL is not the electronic cash drawer but the cash in the drawer that is linked to that specific shift. A drawer is usually opened (started) with a float amount (change). At the end of the shift, the money in the drawer is usually placed in a money bag and returned to management so that the cash can be counted.

Cash drawer, till session, cashier shift

A user will be able to take his cash drawer (float money allocated to him) and log into any till. Not only cash is linked to a cash drawer, but all actions that is performed by that cashier during the shift including refunds, account payments, etc.

There is no time limit to a shift and a cash drawer can be left open for more than one day.

Automatically allocated drawers to cashiers

By default, if a user logs into a POS application (Retail or Restaurant) and no drawer (shift) is open, then the system will open a cash drawer and allocate the default float amount. The default float amount can be specified in Cash Drawer setup (ROBOTILL Manager > Setup > System Configuration > 'Cash Drawers and Shifts'.)

Default Float

More control over shifts and cash drawers

You could change the default settings so that a drawer is not automatically opened. That means a manager first needs to allocate a drawer with a specified float amount to the cashier before the cashier can log in. To use this setting go to ROBOTILL Manager > Setup > System Configuration > 'Cash Drawers and Shifts'

To allocate a drawer if you chose not to let the system automatically allocate a drawer, of if you want to override the default float amount, go to ROBOTILL Manager > 'Cash Drawers and Shifts' and click on 'Open Drawer'.

Open Cash Drawer (Shift or till session)

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