Branch Set-Up

Please Note: ROBOTILL can work with any number of tills (POS Computers) and back office computers (ROBOTILL Manager) on a local network. Branch support and using ROBOTILL Branch Module is a more advanced feature and is optional. It is only needed if you want to manage multiple branches from one location.

All till points (POS Computers) and back office computers on the ROBOTILL system uses SQL Server on a local network. The branch module however will send files to the local branch over the Internet. ROBOTILL uses Google Drive for this and you first need to setup Google Drive for the local branch.

If you haven't set up Google Drive for the branch yet, follow these instructions: Drive Branch Setup

Once you completed the drive setup for the local branch, open ROBOTILL Manager and select Setup > System Configuration > Branch Setup.

POS Branch Setup
  1. Enter the 5 character branch code that was allocated to this branch by the head office.
  2. Select the folder for the branch that was created by head office. If you are using Google Backup and Sync the folder will be under Google Drive under your user folder. If you are using Drive File Stream the folder will be under your G drive. An easy way to find the folder is to use your drive app (icon in your system tray) to open the folder. You can then just navigate to the correct sub folder for the branch.
  3. Each time an update is done a detailed progress screen is displayed. If there were no errors or problems, the screen will automatically close in a couple of seconds. You can choose how long you want the screen to be displayed after a successful update was done.
  4. You can choose how often the branch updater that will run in the background on one of the computers at the branch should check for updates from the branch. The minimum is 10 minutes and the maximum is 1440 minutes. For this setting to take affect you will have to restart the computer that is used as the branch updater (see below).

Installing the Branch Updater

Each branch (shop) must choose one computer that will be used to receive and send updates to the head office. The computer will need to be connected to the Internet (there needs to be an Internet connection at least once a day for a couple of minutes). The computer can be a till (POS Point) or a back office computer. Only one computer should be chosen for this task per branch.

On this computer, install the ROBOTILL Branch Updater that can be downloaded from ROBOTILL.

Note: You need to install the ROBOTILL Branch Updater and not the Branch Module. The Branch Module is only used at the head office and not at the branches.

To install the Branch Updater simply run the setup file. Note that the Branch Updater must be installed on a computer with a ROBOTILL Manager application that is already installed, working and licensed. No additional setup is required as the setup is done in ROBOTILL Manager (see above).

Working with the Branch Updater

The Branch Updater will automatically start up after the computer was restarted and will run in the background. To start it for the first time (just after you installed it), you can go to the ROBOTILL program menu from Windows Start and select 'ROBOTILL Branch Updater' or you can just restart the computer.

The Branch Updater does not require any user interaction. It will check for updates in the background and only when a problem was detected will it pop up. There is no icon on the Desktop, but there will be an icon in the system tray (next to the computer date).

ROBOTILL Branch Updater

To check the status of updates, you can click on the Branch Updater icon in the system tray.

ROBOTILL Branch Updater

If there is an problem or errors, click on 'More Detail' to see what the problem is.

It the Branch Updater keeps on popping up with a warning message, you might want to stop the process (just click on 'Stop Process' in the Branch Updater) until you have fixed the problem especially if the Branch Updater is running at a till point.