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ROBOTILL is point of sale software for retail shops, restaurants, repair shops, B&B's, hotels, and more. ROBOTILL has the folllowing modules:
  1. ROBOTILL Manager - Back office program for product setup and system configuration.
  2. ROBOTILL Reports - Reporting module for displaying charts and reports as well as exporting reporting data.
  3. ROBOTILL Retail - Point of Sale Application for the shops
  4. ROBOTILL Restaurant - Point of Sale Application for restaurants and bars
  5. ROBOTILL Workshop - Used by the service industry
  6. ROBOTILL Hospitality Module - Booking module for booking rooms for hotels and B&B's or any other type of booking.
  7. ROBOTILL Branch Module - Used to manage multiple branches at the head office.

For a quick start guide for the Retail Module, click here.

Retail Software

For a quick start guide for the Restaurant Module, click here.

Restaurant Software

Please contact ROBOTILL Support if you need more help.