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Unable to log into ROBOTILL

The default username for ROBOTILL is 'admin' and the default password is 'password' (without the single quotes). The password is case sensitive. You should of course change the password once you start using the system (In the User setup of ROBOTILL Manager).

Unable to log in

If the log in fails it is because you have typed the wrong username and/or the wrong password.
Other reasons why you might not be able to log in:
  • You changed the username or password and forgot what it is.
  • You changed it but misspelled either the username or password and did not notice it.
  • You changed the security level of the admin user and are now unable to log in to ROBOTILL Manager.
  • You deleted all the users with the required security levels to log into ROBOTILL Manager.

You then have one of the following options:

Option 1: Use another user

If you still have a user left with the required security level to log into ROBOTILL Manager, then log in using that user to reset the user password that you are having problems with.

Option 2: Restore your database

If you did a backup just before you changed the users (always a good idea to do a backup before you do any major setup changes), then you could restore your database to get your previous username and password back.

Normally you would be required to log into ROBOTILL Manager to do a restore - but there is a 'hack' to do it without logging in. With File Explorer navigate to your ROBOTILL program folder that should be in one of the following folders:

C:\Program Files (x86)\ROBOTILL\ROBOTILL
... or ...

Find a file in that folder called 'RTRestore' and double click on that file. The database restore module will open and you will be able to select your backup file to do a restore.

After the restore completed, you will then be able to log in using your previous username and password.

Option 3: Contact ROBOTILL Support

ROBOTILL Support can connect to your computer remotely to reset your username, password and security levels if needed. This option is however only available for users that purchased the full edition - not only because it is a higher level of support, but also for security reasons (we can only confirm that you are indeed the authorized person to change the password if we can verify your email against your purchase).

Option 4: Do a 'hard' reset of your database

Please note that this 'hard reset' option should not be confused with the ROBOTILL Database Reset feature.

If starting from scratch is an option for you (you did not already do a lot of setup with products, printing etc), then this option will be an easy and quick way of resetting the username and password back to the defaults ('admin' and 'password').

WARNING: You will loose all your ROBOTILL data!

1) Close all your ROBOTILL Applications.
2) On your server compuer (main computer), go to Search and type 'ROBOTILL Database Setup'. Select ROBOTILL Database Setup' and open it.
3) Click 'Begin Setup'
4) Select the second option (server installation) and click Next
5) Select the 4th option ('I have installed SQL Server or ...') and click Next
6) Accept the defaults (unless you changed any settings during the original install) and click Next.

The database setup and connection wizard will not install SQL Server again, but will recreate the database. Your username will now again be 'admin' and your password 'password'.