Point of Sale Software - ROBOTILL -

Upgrade ROBOTILL to the latest version.

All minor upgrades for ROBOTILL is free. To upgrade to the latest version is easy and quick. To see what is new in ROBOTILL have a look at the ROBOTILL BLOG or like the ROBOTILL Facebook page to get notifications of new versions.

Before you do the upgrade it is important that you do a backup. The backup will not be needed in the upgrade process but it is always a good idea to do a backup before you do any major changes like upgrades, importing stock, etc.

Download the latest version of ROBOTILL from the ROBOTILL Website.

Uninstall your current version of ROBOTILL. You will not loose any data as you only uninstall the ROBOTILL applications and not the Server with the data. From your Windows Control Panel go to 'Programs and Features'.

Uninstall ROBOTILL

Select ROBOTILL and click on Uninstall. You can type 'ROBOTILL' in the search box to quickly find it in the list of programs.

After you uninstalled ROBOTILL, simply run the new setup program of the latest version and complete the install.

The ROBOTILL applications will pick up the server is already installed and will not run the database setup wizard again. Open ROBOTILL Manager first. It needs to check if there are any changes to the database that needs to be done. If there is, it will do the changes for you.

If you have more than one computer that use ROBOTILL, it is important to upgrade the server computer first and then all the other computers as well. You can't run the system with different versions.